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The Tesseract has been claimed!

Congratulations to Jana Armstead and Brad TeGantvoort! Winners of the Quest for the Tesseract

CLUE #12
Number the stones to narrow the zones
And find your Infinity fix—
Too high to count the total amount,
So X marks the spot at six.

CLUE #11
A pair protect the lost object
Standing in silent pact—
The towering peers watch over Mears,
To guard the Tesseract.

CLUE #10
Down on Fifth, a one-time Smith
Contains our cube of renown—
Fulfill your dreams by shut-off streams,
Perusing a park downtown.

The key to our mystery is etched in history;
Remember to be inventive.
Hit the bricks and get your fix—
As if you need added incentive!

Aim your sights at the holiday lights
That twinkle for all to see;
A vulpine trail leads straight to the grail—
With noble intensity.

Through the annals, surf the channels
In search of the mask of the shadow—
Beaming the picture through a stricture
To find yourself back in the saddle!

Our world inspected — Tesseract detected.
It's held somewhere within the twin counties.
Under watchful eye, the blue jewel resides.
Track down and pinpoint this diamond bounty.

Going geometric, could get hectic.
The Tesseract — a cube within a cube.
Vaulted from harm, by norseman arm —
Odin now makes your search riddled and skewed.

For time heist survival — ignore tribal.
The Tesseract doesn't reside in this region.
Jumpstart your campaign — just hop on the train.
Or take a nice stroll and enjoy the season.

The backwards time warp, charted us off course!
Landing us a taste of DC's Harley Quinn.
Being impartial, it's back to Marvel.
For a spark take a bite and lock down the win.

Pick your vantage point, to not disappoint.
Trust your vision to not be lead astray.
Then use your speed, to race to the scene.
A real wily route down the alleyway.

With all 6 Stones claimed — welcome to Endgame!
Assemble the survivors for the find.
Within and intact — find the Tesseract.
As you peel back numerous layers of time.

It was quite the attempt, now half are exempt.
Half of the hunters were destroyed in the snap!
To stop the titan, 6 Stones enlightened.
But Matt became Thanos — our intricate trap!

Now surviving hunters — leave your bunkers.
Ready yourselves and embark on this time heist.
Storyline intact, retrieve the Tesseract.
To bring back your friends that were sacrificed.

This cubed bounty — detected within 4 counties.
Navigating the time grid might get you lost.
Stop his heinous crimes, by rewriting time.
Stop Matt "Thanos" Littlefield at all costs!

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Race for the Infinity Stones – November 27-December 2!